The Agile Eleven

We are The Agile Eleven and we are obsessed with helping people discover better ways of working.

Committed to helping you achieve organisational agility whether your business is a start up, scaling or already grown up – we are a boutique agile consultancy who are making a difference.

Using our knowledge of organisational development, agile and lean methodologies and our passion for people to change the game for non-software development teams of all sizes.

For us it’s all about giving people, teams and organisations the ability to move quickly and easily.

As an agile consultancy we are rather unconventional and that’s because we call ourselves agnostic when it comes to methodology. What we’re really passionate about is making sure we use the right tools, for the right team, at the right time.

The Agile Eleven worked closely with our team to build a rhythm of work that deliver the right business outcomes, supports continuous improvement and importantly gives employees ownership over their work.  The Agile Eleven has had a very positive impact on our business by helping us get the overall work philosophy and culture right early on to support the very fast changing environment we operate within.

Jamie O. CEO

What We Do

We are a team of lean and agile practitioners specialized in helping non-software development teams apply the mindset, practices and tools that have helped succeed software development teams and digital companies around the world.

We work with all types of teams across the organisation: Marketing, Operations, Sales, Finance, People & Culture…or with entire organisations (large and small).

So what does this mean for your business?



We help companies achieve organisational agility that is,
creating ongoing value for your customers, fostering a culture of innovation
across all levels of your business and building capability to deal better with disruption.

We help shape purpose led teams, create a culture of continuous
improvement and improve cross functional collaboration across
the business.

Your people are your main competitive advantage. By applying agile
mindsets and methodologies to the way your organisation operates,
you will attract and retain the top talent that thrive in an environment of autonomy,
empowerment and trust.


We don’t sell software, IT systems or training packages. We also don’t rock up with a manual or force a specific framework that does not fit with your business.

Eduardo has the commerciality and sensitivity to quickly identify the meaningful changes which need to occur. His coaching method unblocks and accelerates performance while building culture to last.

Simone C. - EGM Digital, Marketing, People & CultureTop 25 ASX Company

Our Approach

We can work with organisations at three different levels:


Implementing agile ways of working across one or more teams.

We’ll roll out new ways of working with your teams to enable better communication and collaboration, create an environment of transparency, ownership and an operating rhythm that will deliver the right business outcomes.


We’ll work with you to help you deliver a specific project or initiative. We’ll use a lean and agile approach to help you achieve your goals whether this be speed to market, increased customer satisfaction, process improvement or product delivery.


We’ll equip your business to thrive in fast changing environments by working with your leaders to embed a lean culture in the organisation. We’ll also help you achieve incremental innovation and value for your customers by implementing a culture of continuous improvement and aligning cross-functional teams to your business purpose.

Our work with you will typically run through these three phases:

DISCOVERY: working out where you are at.

IMPLEMENTATION: giving you the tools you need and

CONSOLIDATION: coaching you for success.

Eduardo and his team have done a fantastic job in instilling an agile mindset and methodology for my teams and have assisted the teams in developing tailored walls specific to the needs of each team.

John N. - GM Finance

Our Results

Results of a survey from a recent engagement with a client working across more than 40 teams:

100% of people agreed communication improved
91.6% agreed collaboration within their team improved
91.6% agreed productivity improved
75% agreed they were more engaged at work
61% agreed there was better collaboration with other departments
91% recommended The Agile Eleven

Our Team

Based in Melbourne, Australia; but with a global client group, we’re a business consultancy founded through a shared love of making organisations better places to work. We have a mix of permanent staff and collaborators that work together to help organisations discover better ways of working. If you like what we do, and would like to be part of “the eleven” please drop us a note.

EDUARDO NOFUENTESFounder / Enterprise Agile Coach

The Agile Eleven assisted my team to make simple changes to the way we work with profound impact. In short, we’ve taken a high performing team and made them exceptional. All it took was a mindset reset! Thank you to Eduardo and his team for helping achieve amazing results.


Andrew D. – Shopping Centre Manager

A few simple agile practices have helped my cross functional, geographically separated team to communicate more effectively and helped me to lead a culture of accountability within my team. Eduardo has been great to work with!

Michelle B. Company Secretary & Head Of Compliance


Melbourne, Australia

General Enquiries

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