We know that achieving organisational agility and developing a positive culture requires more than post-it notes and stand ups.


Organisations that want to stay relevant and quickly react to disruption and changing priorities, need to look at the four elements of The Agile Eleven approach to Organisational Agility and Culture Development:

ways of working


Agile practices and tools improve collaboration, communication, transparency, engagement and empowerment.


Partnering with you, we co-design and implement a practical program to implement new ways of working across all business areas.

lean portfolio management


Adopting a Lean Portfolio Management approach will make sure that your teams are focusing on maximising customer value by delivering the right work, at the right time with the right people.


Working with your teams we will help organise, visualise and prioritise the work, both strategic and operational.

system of work


In most cases, what stops organisations from achieving agility is not the ways of working but the processes, policies and operating model they have around it.


We take a deep dive to understand your structures, processes, tools, technology, organisational rhythm and people and culture strategy to help you identify the main constraints in your current system that may be stopping your teams from delivering optimal customer value.

developmental agility


Equip the people in your organisation to learn and develop faster than the market you are in.

We partner with you to co-design a deliberate developmental organisation that maximises value creation through focus on emergence and growth.