How we respond now will define our relevance in the future

By now most organisations have already transitioned their teams to work from home, but the question we haven’t given too much thought is: have we truly adapted to this new reality or are we counting the days to ‘go back’ to normal?

The world of work has changed for good and we don’t need to have a crystal ball to say that transitioning back to ‘normal’ might not be the most likely scenario for most organisations.

We have been (not so gently) pushed to reconsider our ways of living and thinking, so it makes sense to re-think our ways of working, leading, innovating and delivering products and services.

How organisations respond now will define their relevance in the future.

We know you’ve got a lot to think about, but if you’re a leader in your organisation, here are some things to consider to ensure your business and teams are not just still here but thriving:


Most business models have been compromised.

With this in mind, innovative and new ways of working and delivering products and services play a critical role in opening up new possibilities.


Experimentation is very welcome now.

Some of these experiments you and your team are running might become a reality once social proximity returns. We have a client that created an internal talent pool of talented employees who have more time due to the changes we’re facing, and other teams can access this pool if they’re busier than usual or were due to hire new talent. This is one of the many small ways organisations can simply adapt without a titanic shift.


In some cases, the paradigm of ‘work as a location’ will change for good.

There will be no going back to the office in the same way as we had before. We have clients who are thriving in this new world and re-thinking their personal work style when we are asked to go back to the office. Have you thought about how you and your teams work best beyond reacting to working from home?


Legacy practices most likely won’t work moving forward.

This is because we’re not resuming work as if nothing has happened. Not enough leaders are evolving organisational processes, KPIs, policies, and their own ways of leading to become more agile and trusting, while the majority is counting the days to resume the safety and comfort of what they’ve always known. Are you taking this opportunity to foster the agility your business and employees need?


The good news is that the future is not a destination, but a myriad of alternative pathways.


This is the time to view our organisation as a fluid system: evolving and transforming. If you need help navigating these challenges and preparing for the evolution (or reinvention) of your organisation, we’re currently helping many of our clients through these changes, and happy to have a virtual coffee to discuss how we can support you and your teams.

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