Introducing The Agile Eleven

In July 2015, and after three amazing years at the REA Group, I started my own business called “The Agile Contact Centre”. A business consultancy focused on supporting brave leaders and organisations in transforming their Contact Centre operations. I wanted to share all the knowledge and experience in Agile, Lean and System Thinking practices that I had acquired at REA with as many organisations that I could. Bringing agile practices and methodologies to the world of Contact Centres was a bold move. Contact Centres are traditionally run through Command and Control methodologies where team members are often treated with little trust and where call metrics seem to be more important than customer satisfaction. After 18 months I feel very lucky and privileged and I am glad I took the leap. I have worked with great companies in three different continents. I have not always succeeded in transforming the Contact Centres that I have worked with, but I have learnt from every experience and client, I have met incredible people and accumulated amazing life experiences along the way. One thing that became very obvious through this experience was that there was a lot of interest in other areas of the business outside IT in learning more about applying agile practices and methodologies to the way they worked. So I also started working with other departments in the organisations that I worked with: Marketing, Finance, People and Culture, Sales, Operations and even with entire organisations helping them achieve Business Agility. This natural transition made me grow from a “one man band” to a team; and I guess that the launching now of “The Agile Eleven” is just me playing catch up with what we have been doing for a while. No, we are not eleven people in the team…yet. But we are relentless in our purpose of helping people discover better ways of working and ambitious in our vision of being a global boutique agile consultancy. We have seen the impact that “agile ways of working” have on many people, teams and organisations and we want to bring the “agile beyond software” message to as many companies and teams as we can. Written by: Eduardo Nofuentes
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