Kirsten Brown joins The Agile Eleven as we launch our Agile Leadership & Learning Offerings

Photo of Kirsten Brown
We are delighted to welcome Kirsten Brown to the team as our Leadership Agility Coach. In this capacity Kirsten will be growing our leadership development practice and building our learning offering through 11U.

For some time now, we have noticed the clients who experience the most effective agile transformations are those who invest in ensuring they have a leadership team ready and willing to lead that transformation. Organisational agility, and the customer value it drives, requires brave leadership focused on leading the vision, transforming the system of work and enabling self organising teams to pull the right work. Helping leaders develop these capacities ensures the sustainability and ongoing evolution of agile transformations, which in their own right evolve with the changing market.

When Kirsten first reached out to The Agile Eleven, we simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with a leadership and culture specialist of her calibre.

As she will tell it;

" It has become increasingly clear to me that stand alone initiatives focused on developing leaders and transforming culture are insufficient to drive the sustained agile transformation that businesses want.

Investments in leadership are often focused on discrete pieces of work that, whilst they do demonstrate lasting impact, present a real challenge to leaders; leaders return to workplaces that look the same, behave the same and are not ready to work with transformed leadership "

Kirsten brings leadership, learning and culture expertise that will help ensure the sustainability and the continued evolution of agile transformations for our customers. She has worked with businesses across 4 continents in industries as diverse as telecommunications, energy, environmental engineering, finance and health, across the private, government and not for profit sectors. Her trademark style balances courage, creativity and a keen understanding of what makes good business sense in a range of contexts.

" When I came face to face with the work of The Agile Eleven I could immediately see that they could provide the missing piece of my puzzle; a practical way of preparing organisations to evolve their culture and maximise the investment in leadership transformation.

I’m excited to be joining the team! "

We look forward to hearing your questions and queries about what you may like as part of this expanded offering and trust you'll realise your potential by further embedding your agile transformation.

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