Did you know

approximately 70% of construction projects are

over budget and delivered late?

Lean Construction Management

Agile Eleven’s Lean Project Management utilizes The Last Planner Production System  in conjunction with SlatPlanner’s tools to reduce waste and engage key stakeholders in one cohesive group. The stakeholders combine their expertise by working together to identify potential problems, improve workflow and reduce waste such as waiting for tasks to be completed. Our Lean Project Management System will enable you and your team to deliver the build effectively and efficiently which reduces costs. We’re sure your customers will love an on-time, on-budget and quality build too. 

The Last Planner Production System

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Set up for success

Upon implementing SlatPlanners production management tool, we will coach you through the Last Planner Production System for a successful implementation utilizing these incredibly simple and effective tools. Our goal is to leave you and your team empowered to make a lasting switch to a lean future. 

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The SlatPlanner system brings alive the Lean Construction’s Last Planner Production System by perfectly blending digitized traditional “sticky-note” plans, without sacrificing the physical, collaborative experience.

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