Be agile. Get ahead.

Contemporary learning to unlock organisational agility.

Our Belief

At 11U, we have an unwavering belief that work can be the single most impactful thing that we as individuals, communities and organisations can do. We also believe that great leadership sits at the core of successful business transformation. So we work with leaders and organisations looking to drive meaningful work, customer centricity and a culture of continuous improvement.

Our Story

As our consulting and advisory business The Agile Eleven has continued to prosper, we have followed the path of practitioners, to consultants to educators. Culminating in the creation of the learning arm, 11U. We are co-creating 11U with input from our community and look forward to welcoming you as a future alumni.

Our Approach

Using our approach to organisational agility, 11U embraces contemporary modes of learning to ensure “the way of the work is in the work” moving from abstract, theoretical ‘training’ to learning anchored in your own individual, team and organisational context. We do this through built-for-purpose learning programs, innovative public programs, and by  taking a community approach to the continuous improvement of our offering.

Our courses