Meet Cristina

A big welcome to Cristina de Medrano, our newest addition to the Agile Eleven Team!

Cristina is dedicated to training teams and individuals to strengthen their capabilities, connect with their self-awareness, confidence, communication skills, and most importantly define their purpose so that they can reach their personal and professional goals.

Her passion for helping others has led her to a unique journey thus far. From being a pro-athlete, dentist and business owner to becoming an entrepreneurial business coach who helps individuals and teams become the best versions of themselves. Her unique set of skills gained from this diverse range of professional and life experiences has allowed her to understand the process and commitment required to achieve and deliver desired outcomes, as well as the importance of living a fulfilled and happy life.

In addition to this, Cristina is also a published author of Imposible es solo una opinión - “Impossible is just an opinion”, a book that helps individuals find their purpose in life and bring it into their personal and professional life.

She has recently moved from Barcelona to Melbourne, where she now lives with her partner and is often seen surfing, practising yoga and reading self-development books.

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