Meet Liam

A big welcome to the newest member of The Agile Eleven team, Liam Mitten!

Liam is fascinated by how a simple shift in mindset and focus has the power to change an entire organisation. It is from this fascination that he derives his motivation to champion the agile approach with leaders and teams from a wide range of industries.

Outside of work you can find Liam in the local gym balancing out his other passion, eating out. You can also find him stifling bombastic cries as he watches Manchester United at some ungodly hour of the weekend as his wife sleeps nearby.

Liam joined The Agile Eleven from the Banking and Finance industry. He has been a leader for over a decade and proudly reflects on the individuals and teams he has helped to succeed. Liam has led large organisational change initiatives, always motivating teams to strive toward a shared vision.

Welcome to the team Liam!
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