Introducing the Director of The Agile Contact Centre

We are delighted to welcome Sean McGinn to the team as the Director and Enterprise Agile Coach of our relaunched sister brand: The Agile Contact Centre.


Having led teams for the last 20 years across operations and enterprise change projects. Sean has been inspired to be a lifelong learner and practitioner of making work better - helping teams collaborate better together and naturally do better for their customers.


Sean is particularly passionate about making work better across operations and contact centre teams as it is often misunderstood. He wants to change the view that they are just cost centres but instead are the heart and soul of any organisation.


Outside of work, Sean enjoys eating around the world and is really curious about learning ‘how to learn’. Currently, he is putting this into practice with guitar, Spanish and his superpower - baking sourdough.


If you’re interested in finding out how Sean and the team can help reinvent your contact centre, you can contact him here 

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