REMOTE READY WEBINAR: Keeping the Work Moving

In our second webinar of our Free Remote Ready Webinar Series we covered the important subject of keeping the work moving.


The major challenge for organisations and leaders during the transition to remote working is continuing to collaborate and deliver great work.


Here at The Agile Eleven we believe that not only can you continue to keep the work moving but you actually increase your productivity and output.


This session is not one to be missed if you are leading or part of a team that now finds yourselves working from home.

The key takeaways from this session were:


  • Map and visualise your work at all levels
  • Meet with your team regularly to talk about progress and stay connected
  • Continue to plan and deliver work on a rhythm that makes sense
  • There will be many new changes so take time out to focus on continuous improvement and learning as you go


We have also put at your disposal below the Webinar slides, for you to access:



If you still have questions or would like to know more we are always up for a chat.

If you missed the session and  would like to access the video or sign up for the coming webinars you can click here.

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