REMOTE READY WEBINAR: Tools & techniques

Today we are very excited to have kicked off our Free Remote Ready webinar series.


This series of webinars is designed for all organisations, leaders and people that are making the transition from co-located to remote working.


We know it can be challenging!


Our purpose is to make work better for everyone and we have created this resource because we want to give back to our clients and help organisations to continue to thrive.


The first webinar in our series covered the tools & techniques that we have used to successfully operate as a remote organisation and stay connected as a team over the last five years.

The key points that we hope you take away from this session and share with your team are:

  • Keep your email traffic as low as possible 
  • If your team member is remote it’s best to all choose remote
  • Face-to-face is valuable - keep your video on
  • Share tips and tricks within the team as you learn
  • Start simple and only add tools if they are adding value
  • Align as a team on how the tools will be used
  • Test the tools before you commit to using them
  • Keep it simple with the cloud options
  • Embrace agility and experiment with a few tools during this time of uncertainty


We have also put at your disposal the Webinar slides, for you to access:



If you still have questions or would like to know more we are always up for a chat.

If you missed the session and  would like to access the video or sign up for the coming webinars you can click here.

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Thanks so much to you all for running this wonderful webinar series. Very helpful for us as we rapidly transition into a remote working society.

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