And just like that our remote ready webinar series has come to an end!

What a pleasure it was to have the opportunity to connect with our community and answer your great questions during our wrap up Q&A today.

So many practical tips for leaders and team members, if you missed it the recording or you want to watch the webinar again it is available below now.

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Here are some short and sweet tips we shared in our Q&A wrap-up session today:


  • Be always present
  • Visualise to enrich communication
  • Develop empathy for others
  • Don't forget your work-life balance
  • Cherish the outcomes
  • Be ok to let go: unlearn, rethink and adapt
  • Help each other


If you have been along for the entire remote-ready journey with us or watched the recorded videos, you will have learnt about:


  1. Tools and techniques with Lisa Wood
  2. Strategies to keep the work moving with Caio Cestari
  3. Culture and values with Bia Affonso and our guest speaker Cassandra Goodman
  4. Staying connected with Joe Lawrence and Richard Harmer
  5. Leading virtually with our founder Eduardo Nofuentes

Our hope is that from these sessions you've had a few insights and came up with some actions towards implementing some of the tips and tricks that you have picked up.


If you missed a session, don’t stress, the recordings and slides from each webinar are available on our website blog for you to view and share with anyone that you think could benefit from them.


Once again, thank you for being with us and let's not forget to be kind with each other during these unprecedented times.

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