REMOTE READY WEBINAR: Staying connected

There are a huge amount of tools, tactics and techniques that organisations and leaders can use to deliver work remotely.


However, today in the fourth of our Free Remote Ready Webinar Series we tackle arguably the most challenging topic of all.


How do we stay socially and emotionally connected as a team when working remotely?


It’s more important now than ever to prioritise human connection and build  working relationships within your team.

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The key takeaways from this session were:


  • Prioritise face-to-face connection and phone calls over text and emails
  • Find a way to have informal conversations with each other (watercooler)
  • Get creative on other ways to connect - virtual exercise class?
  • Prioritise informal catch ups by scheduling them
  • Make the extra effort to check in with each other - RUOK? (what do we do when someone's not okay?)
  • Intentionally make space for emotional connection 
  • Social distancing does not mean isolation


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