Last week we hosted the first two instalments of our Free Remote Ready webinar Series for organisations and leaders.


The first two webinars covered the more tactical subjects of the best tools to use and the strategies and techniques that we can use to keep the work moving.


Today we explored the ever important topic of values and culture and what that means to teams and organisations as they transition to remote ways of working.

The key takeaways from this session were:


  • Figure out how you work best as a team and be clear on expectations
  • Create a way to ‘check out’ from work
  • Find alignment on the rhythm that works best for your team
  • Have a conversation to be clear on how your values will work for you as a team
  • Create a space for giving & receiving feedback
  • Flexibility is key - work is about delivering value not about time spent
  • Policies are important, but lean on your values to help you through uncertainty 
  • Decide which policies you need to carry through and which you need to adjust or create


Webinar slides for you to access:


You can also access the bonus webinar with Cassandra Goodman - Facilitator & Executive Coach at Thrive Global, as well as her slide pack and further resources below

Find Cassandra Goodman's slide pack below:




Policy draft example by Hubspost

Policy draft example by Lawsquared


If you still have questions or would like to know more, feel free to contact us here.

If you would like to sign up for the coming webinars you can click here.

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Great sessions – thank you so much! I am having trouble accessing the slides to the session and I would love to share these – the message is the connection was reset – any ideas?
Thanks, Lani T. 0457 505686

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