Every initiative or significant piece of work in an organisation starts with a collection of people that have been pulled together to get the job done. 

Most leaders take this collection of people and jump head first into the work without taking the time to mold this collection into a cohesive team that are ready to collaborate and deliver. However, shaping a team identity that people can relate to and feel a part of is a powerful exercise with many benefits. 

The last step of the Alignment section after your team has established a Purpose, Vision and Values is to create the teams DNA. At The Agile Eleven, we view team DNA as your value proposition to all external stakeholder that you interact with. 

Your DNA is the standard that your team co-creates for themselves and strives to bring to life in each and every interaction that they have.

We have created the following one pager so that as a leader you can run this session with your team and establish a powerful team identity through the DNA tool.

Let us know how you go!

Click here to download the DNA One-Pager in pdf format:

DNA One Pager PDF

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Cristina de Medrano

Enterprise Agile Coach @ The Agile Eleven

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