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Today I would like to write about and reflect upon my week of work experience that I undertook with The Agile Eleven. I feel like I have learnt a lot and gained a great insight into the world of business by spending the week with the team.

Before this work experience program I wasn’t exactly sure what agile ways of working were or why they were even important. I thought that the team at The Agile Eleven would have walked in and handed teams a rulebook on how to be agile and walked out again. To be completely honest I wasn’t even really sure if agile would work.

On my first day spent with the team I quickly realised that they weren’t like most other consultancies I had read about. Shadowing Joe and Hugh on my first coaching session at a large client in Melbourne I discovered that The Agile Eleven team goes into businesses and helps implement or improve new ways of working based on what that specific client wants or needs. For example, when I went to a different client I saw the standard 90-day wall that I had been shown but it was split into months as that worked better for the client and the way that they worked. With other companies this wouldn’t have happened and the client would have been forced to do it the company's way. 

During this week I also experienced the world of marketing through speaking with Michael the Marketing Lead at The Agile Eleven. I never understood how interesting the world of marketing actually is. But through one conversation it made my understanding and interest in this area spike dramatically. On one of the other days I got a real taste of working from home which I feel is a great skill to develop for the future of work. This was a great experience, as it felt great to be able to work from home and still be able to achieve the tasks that were set for me. This in turn has made me realise that you don’t have to be at work to get work done efficiently and effectively. Working from home has also made me realise that remote working works well and has shown me that there doesn’t have to be a disconnect in communication even if you aren’t in the same room.

I had a brilliant week and the team at The Agile Eleven should be extremely proud of the way they took the time to educate me and let me learn for myself when appropriate. This is because I have learnt lots about the business sector and how to unlock agility in a range of teams which were the main things that I wanted to learn whilst doing this program. Finally I would like to thank everybody that has been involved and I will be cheering on the team from school and hoping you continue to do great things!

Toby Turnham.




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Toby Turnham







Inaugral Work Experience Student @ The Agile Eleven




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