Have you craft your company's core values as an essential guiding force to unite and grow?

Creating the foundation of your company's identity and principles is very important to conduct the business as it grows. In order to do that, you first need to define the core values that represents them; this values go hand in hand with, and have to be aligned with the vision, purpose and DNA of the company, and will support the business decision making process.

At the Agile Eleven, core values guide the thinking and behaviour of our organisation, and they are the base for creating successful relationships within our team and colleagues. We live these values every day in order to grow in the right direction and make the best business decisions.

High performing teams always have defined core values, and that's why we have put together a Values One Pager to help you create your own and start living the principles and identity that your company deserves.

Click here to download the Values One-Pager in pdf format:

Values One Pager PDF

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Cristina de Medrano

Enterprise Agile Coach @ The Agile Eleven

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