Today marks the start of our first Training Program

In September, I met Omar de Silva – Founder and Executive Director of The Plato Project. It was a mutual client of ours, Rebecca Evans from Pexa, who introduced us; I remember her saying: "you guys should meet each other, you have a lot of things in common and talk about the same things.”

When Omar and I met, I realised very quickly that Rebecca was right, we had a lot of things in common: we both are founders of small start ups, we both love building purpose led organisations and we both have a passion for making work better for everyone. We also quickly realised that what both our companies did was very complementary. I remember Omar saying: "Everyone is asking me for agile training, but I don’t know much about agile!” and me responding: Same here! Everyone is asking us about agile training too, but I don’t know anything about education!"

When I founded The Agile Eleven I thought we would never offer a training program as part of our offering. I believed that meaningful change and impact in organisations can only be achieved through embedded coaching and a very tailored approach to each team and organisation. After understanding The Plato Project's unique approach to business and business education, I realised that it can be done; just not in the way that I had seen it done before.

After six months of working together, today marks the first day of our first joint program. Today we have an amazing group of people that will learn The Agile Eleven approach to organisational agility through the unique Plato Project approach to learning.

Thanks to the team at The Plato Project, especially to Omar and Elissa and to the team at The Agile Eleven, especially Martine and Alistair that have worked together all these months to make sure we deliver a quality product that it is true to our purpose, vision and values.

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